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Hotel Dorpat invites you and your beloved ones to create a vacation that you’ve been dreaming of – whether it’s full of relaxing, adventures or delicious flavours – or a little bit of everything!

*Offers are not valid when special events are taking place in Tartu

Love is in the air!

Prices from 217€

Hey, lovebirds - there is always room for some romance! That’s why we invite you to spend a romantic weekend...

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Family adventure time! 

Prices from 142€

Hello, new adventures! Ahhaa Science Centre ja Upside Down House are full of joyful discoveries for both, kids and adults....

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Sporty family vacation - visit the Sports and Olympic Museum!

Prices from 110€

It's right about time to visit the sportiest museum full of fun activities for the whole family! Try basketball shots...

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Relaxing family vacation - smell the summer in Tartu!

Prices from 300€

Starting from May, Tartu will be in full bloom. You may smell the blossoming chestnut trees and the lovely scent...

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Mini vacation with a memorable dinner

Prices from 98€

Sometimes you just have to take it slow - go on a mellow walk around the old town of Tartu...

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Energizing and refreshing SPA vacation

Prices from 200€

Herb Spa vacation package “Balm Mint and Forget-Me-Not” lets you forget all the worries in a warm milk foam bath....

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Relaxing SPA vacation

Prices from 168€

Is it a proper vacation without massage? We believe not. That’s why we invite you to enjoy our relaxing SPA...

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Family vacation with an educational aspect

Prices from 114€

This is the prime time to visit the most spectacular museum in Tartu - the Estonian National Museum. The grandiose...

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Family vacation in Tartu - and everything you’ve been waiting for!

Prices from 240€

Smiling kids with that special spark in their eyes - the best gift any parent could ask for. That is...

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Golf vacation

Prices from 95€

Take time for hobbies that You love! Only 50 km away from Tartu, the Otepää Golf Center with its attractive...

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Business day with a memorable dinner

Prices from 113€

Your casual workday is worth enjoying every minute when setting up your office in the hotel’s business lounge. Have a...

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