Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time is your hotel check-in and check-out?

    Check-in for hotel guests starts at 15:00. We keep the rooms until 18:00 on the day of arrival.
    In case of later arrival, please inform the hotel reception by e-mail or phone +372 733 7180.The hotel reception is open 24 hours a day.

    Check-out of hotel guests takes place until 12:00.
  • Are pets allowed at your hotel?

    Well-behaved pets are very welcome at our hotel.
    The additional fee for each pet is €15/night.
  • Where is it possible to park when visiting your hotel?

    1) Parking in the parking lot next to the hotel (when availability). Hotel guests must register for parking at the hotel reception (€5/24h)
    NB! Parking is available only if there are free places. The hotel does not secure the parking space when leaving the parking area. A fine for unregistered parking is 30€.

    2) In the parking garage of Tasku Center (Europark). When entering the parking garage, the hotel guest must take a parking ticket from the barrier terminal and validate it later at the hotel reception. The parking fee for hotel guests is (€5/24h)
    The ticket must be kept until leaving the parking garage. If the barrier does not open automatically, you must use a validated ticket to open the barrier.
    NB! The hotel does not compensate for a lost ticket.

    3) Public parking lot on Turu street. Next to the hotel is a city-owned B-zone parking area. The first 1.5 hours is free when the starting time is indicated on car, each subsequent hour is 1.50 €.
    Paid parking Mon-Fri from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Other times and on the weekend (Sat-Fri) parking in the Turu parking lot is free. Payment is made either mobile or through the parking machine. See more HERE.

  • What are the breakfast times in your hotel?

    The hotel breakfast takes place:
    Mon-Fri 7-10
    Sat-Sun 7-11
  • Does your hotel have a water center or a swimming pool?

    There is no water center or swimming pool in our hotel.
    However, on the first floor of our hotel is the Herb Spa, where we offer many different treatments.

    You can familiarize yourself with Herb Spa treatments here.
    Book treatments conveniently online or at the Herb Spa reception.

    A short walk away there are also the V Spa and Aura water center. You can buy these tickets from our hotel receptionl.
  • What additional services are offered at your hotel?

    All hotel guests can use the fitness room on the 0th floor of the hotel and the children's playroom on the 2nd floor, both free of charge.
    The Business Lounge is located on the sixth floor, which is primarily meant for business guests and allows them to comfortably focus on work.

    The room opens automatically with a room card for those who have accommodation in superior/deluxe rooms and suites.

    You can read more about additional services here.

    If you did not find it here answers to your questions, feel free to contact us!

    P: +372 733 7180


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