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A la carte menu


Chicken noodle soup (L)
Chicken, egg noodles, bread wafer, chicken cream
5.00 €

Crayfish soup (L, G)
Crayfish tails, fennel salad
7.00 €

Deep fried frog le gs and risotto
Frog legs, BBQ sauce, parsley cheese, ball of risotto
8.00 €

Salted salmon and quail egg (G)
Salted salmon, herb cream, red beet, quail egg
10.00 €

Buffalo mozzarella and burnt tomato (G)
Buffalo mozzarella, herb oil, tomato
13.00 €

Roasted trumpet mushroom with beetroot and cauliflower (L,G,T,V)
Trumpet mushroom, beetroot, cauliflower
5.00 €

Snack platter for two
Blue cheese, smoked cheese, ham rolls, chorizo, prosciutto, melon, cold smoked salmon, olives, pickled cucumber, grissini.
15.00 €

Bruschetta plate
Tomato salsa and mozzarella. Beetroot and goat cheese.
Salted salmon and chorizo crumbs. Prosciutto and pickled onion.
8.00 €


 Trout fillet and quinoa pilaf (G)
Trout fillet, quinoa, baby broccoli, Hollandaise sauce
20.00 €

Duck fillet and savoy cabbage roll (G)
Duck, potato and savoy cabbage roll, celeriac, cherry chutney
18.00 €

Beef fillet and potato puree with chive (G)
Beef, potato puree with chive, grilled corn, mushrooms, dewberry sauce
19.00 €

Grilled beefsteak tomato and tofu (L,G,T,V)
Tomato, tofu, sweet potato puree, baby carrots, leek, green peas, dill oil, sprouts
10.00 €


Cheesecake with berries
5.00 €

Orange marmalade and blackcurrant espuma
5.00 €

Catalana cream Vana Tallinn parfait and curd cheese biscuit
5.00 €

Selection of ice cream and sorbet (G)
5.00 €


Choose your favourite dish:
French fries / Potato puree / Pasta
Sausages / Chicken nuggets
Cheese sauce / Ketchup / Sour cream and herb sauce
 5.00 €