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Dorpat Restaurant takeaway-menu

Orders: (+372) 7 371 034

Mon-Sat 12:00-20:00
Hotel Dorpat lobby-bar (Soola 6, Tartu)


whole wheat tortilla with cold smoked salmon / crispy chicken / pork  6.50
poke bowl with rice, tuna / king prawns, avocado, spicy dressing and black sesame seeds  12.00
poke bowl with duck meat / pulled pork, noodles and vegetables  12.00
burger with pulled pork  5.50
sweet potato fries with garlic sauce  4.00
fries with garlic sauce  3.00
chicken wings with BBQ sauce  7.00
chicken wings with mango-curry sauce  7.00
spring rolls with chilli sauce (vegan)  6.00
vegetable wok with zander fish fillet, lemon dressing and wild garlic pesto  9.50
pork with almond potatoes, pickled onion and tartar dressing  9.50
chicken pasta with vegetables  7.50


Tasty Tartu 2021 special: panna cotta with strawberry dressing
and Old Tallinn cream  4.00
whiskey ice cream  5.00
pistacchio ice cream  5.00


Aura water (sparkling/still)  1.60
Aura juice (orange, apple, mixed fruit)  2.00
apple lemonade (organic, no added sugar)  3.00
apple-mint lemonade (organic, no added sugar)  3.00 
apple-ginger lemonade (organic, no added sugar)  3.00 

Coffee  1.50
Cappuccino  2.00
Café Latte  2.00
Tea  1.00

Beer A.Le Coq Premium  3.00
Cider Fizz  3.00
Gin Long Drink  3.00
Sparkling wine (Calvet Cremant de Bordeaux brut, France)  19.00
White wine (Johan Bihn Riesling, Rheinessen, Germany, semi-dry)  17.00
Red wine (Barista Pinotage, South Africa, semi-dry)  17.00
Rose (B & G Rose d´Anjoe AOP)  17.00