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Group Menus

Group Menu 1
Tomato-prawn salad with avocado and dill mayonnaise (L, G)
Garlicky potato casserole, pork with tomato and cheese, pickled onion (G)
Pancake stuffed with banana cream and berries, chocolate sauce
€ 17,90

Group Menu 2
Cauliflower soup with blue cheese (G)
Potato-beetroot gratin, chicken fillet with curry sauce and orange-sesame seed salad (G)
Yoghurt panna cotta with meringue crumbles and sea buckthorn (G)
€ 17,90

Group Menu 3
Roasted cheese salad with melon and cucumber (G)
Pan-fried salmon, pasta with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, herb sauce and parmesan.
Cream cheese dessert with chocolate cake crumble, berries and vanilla ice cream
€ 19,90

Group menu 4
Sweet and sour cabbage soup (L, G, V)
Beef-animal neck cooked in low-temperature, roasted beetroot and potatoes, blackcurrant
sauce and tomato-cauliflower salad (L, G)
Pavlova with curd cream and sauce with berries (G)
€ 19,90

Group menu 5
Fresh salad with Tahini sauce (L, G, V)
Potato casserole in raw buckwheat coating with tomato-bean stew (L, G, V)
Almond milk pancake with banana filling and berry sauce (L, V)
€ 17,90

L – lactose-free, G – gluten-free

Fresh buns with herb butter, water and coffee/tea are included in the menu.
Group menus are valid from 10 people, the whole group should choose the same menu.
Reservations and cancellations within 72 hours
Enquiries:, tel: (+372) 7337 180,