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Group Menus

Group Menu 1

Shrimp and tomato salad with avocado and dill mayonnaise (L, G)

Dijon mustard pork fillet, mashed potatoes, pickled onions and pepper sauce (L, G)

Pancake filled with banana cream and berries, chocolate sauce
18.90 €

Group Menu 2

Salmon tartare, pickled cucumber relish and whitefish roe with salad (L, G)

Chicken fillet with potato croquettes, shimeji mushrooms and tomato sauce

Rhubarb tartelette and lemon sorbet (L)
18.90 €

Group Menu 3

Roasted cheese salad with melon and cucumber (G)

Pan-fried salmon, risotto, pea and chorizo salad (L, G)

 Cream cheese delight with crumbled chocolate cake, berries and vanilla ice-cream
20.90 €

Group menu 4

Leek soup with clear broth (L, G)

Beef cheek stew with glazed mini carrots and potato cream (L, G)

Lemon sorbet with jellied cherries, muesli and crispy apple chips (L)
20.90 €

Group menu 5

Pumpkin soup with coconut cream, leek and seeds (L, G, V)

Creamy polenta with vegetables, tangy citrus pesto and onion chips (L, G, V)

Strawberry mousse with berries and almond crumble (L, G, V)
18.90 €

L – lactose-free, G – gluten-free

Fresh buns with herb butter, water and coffee/tea are included in the menu.
Group menus are valid from 10 people, the whole group should choose the same menu.
Reservations and cancellations within 72 hours
Enquiries:, tel: (+372) 7337 180,