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Description of the project

Development of the business model of Dorpat Hotel through the addition of a foreign family segment and further development of the business segment.

The project will help increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of Tartu as a tourist destination by creating new opportunities for families and business customers through accommodation packages that offer additional value. Active activities that are marketed and targeted at target groups to create motivation to visit South Estonia, Tartu and Dorpat hotel. The broader goal is to prepare the hotel and services accordingly, as by 2024, the level of accommodation, opportunities and services offered by Tartu, the European Capital of Culture, will directly affect the reputation of Estonia as a whole.

 Purpose and result

The aim of the project is to create a ‘family’ and ‘business floor’ and therefore adding new customer segments in the domestic and foreign markets.

During the project, a significant change in the value proposition will occur, where the hotel will offer an ideal package for a family or business client, offering active activities both inside and outside the hotel.

The result is a family and business floor with significant additional value to customer experience, and the creation of services that support it.

Name of the fund

 Grant of European Regional Development Fund

Grant amount

199 640,73€