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Dorpat Convention Centre

Dorpat Conference Centre, located on the 4th floor of the adjoining Tasku Centre, is the largest and most contemporary conference and event centre in Southern Estonia. Dorpat conference in Tartu offers nine multifunctional rooms of various sizes, among which every client is sure to find one that best suits their needs. To pay homage to the University of Tartu, the rooms are named after the city’s most famous scientists and professors. All of the rooms have the necessary technical equipment, such as data projectors, screens, flipcharts and a sound system, which are included in the room price. The entire centre has free wireless Internet access. Room descriptions are available here.

The conference complex includes a spacious lobby used for catering events; also, it is ideal for organising exhibitions and fairs. In addition, movable walls enable you to change the floor plan, so that the Struve and Baer rooms can be connected to the lobby. What’s more, the conference centre has a balcony – perfect for taking a breath of fresh air or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Catering services for guests of the conference centre are provided by the Dorpat restaurant. Guests can make their choice from set coffee break and conference lunch menus. In case of special requests, the chef will put together a menu based on your preferences.

Struve | Dorpat Convention Centre
Baer conference room | Dorpat Convention Centre
Pirogov conference room | Dorpat Convention Centre
Ostwald conference room | Dorpat Convention Centre


Turu 2, TASKU
Tartu 51013
(Entry by car from Soola Street, on foot from Turu Street)
Phone: +372 733 7191, + 372 733 7190


  • Parking in the Tasku Parking Building (we recommend the 0–level parking area; entrance opposite the Circle K petrol station).
  • Parking in the Tasku parking house  –

Conference capacity table

Area m2 Height m Theater style
Theater style
Seminar style
Seminar style
Struve 370 5,7 560 350 150 300
Struve I 200 5,7 220 130 50
Struve II 170 5,7 200 110 40
Baer 142 5,7 160 80 40 100
Peterson 110 2,6 100 80 40 100
Ewers 30 2,6 24 16 14
Krause 42 2,6 40 30 20
Parrot 45 2,6 45 32 22
Pirogov 42 2,6 45 30 20
Ostwald 30 2,6 10
Terrass 180
Lobby 639 2,6 550
Lobby +
Struve +
1100 1000
Tarbatu 26 4,5 20 16
Jurjev 13,7 2,8 8