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Group Menus

Group Menu 1
€ 17.9
Pasta salad with tunafish and vegetables, oil sauce (L)
Baked chicken fillet, carrot and zucchini orsotto, orange sauce
Mini waffle-cones with Baileys cream, pistachio and vanilla ice-cream

Group Menu 2
€ 17.9
Creamy garlic soup with shrimps (G)
Marinated and baked pork chop, potato puree and Coleslaw Salad (G)
Blueberry-cured cream with cake crumbs  and seabuckthorn sauce

Group Menu 3
€ 19.9
Cold tomato soup with egg and serrano ham (L)
Grilled salmon fillet with cherry tomatoes, wild rice and herb-cream cheese sauce (L,G)
Kiwi mousse with iris sauce, pomegranate seeds and chocolate chips(G)

Group menu 4
€ 19.9
Fresh salad, bulgur and oil sauce (G)
Smoked beef entrecote, red wine sauce, vegetable stew and beetroot salad with garlic
Lemon-cream basket with burned bisee and berries

Group menu 5
€ 19.9
Appetizer without the sides and dessert according to the main menu (L,G)
Main course: Chickpea-cream with roasted tomatoes and zucchini, pesto and balsamico

L – lactose-free, G – gluten-free

Fresh buns with herb butter, water and coffee/tea are included in the menu.
Group menus are valid from 10 people, the whole group should choose the same menu.
Reservations and cancellations within 72 hours
Enquiries:, tel: (+372) 7337 180,