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Group Menus

  • Clear vegetable soup
  • BBQ-glazed pork fillet, mustard potatoes, red cabbage and cucumber salad, juices of cooked meat
  • Lemon sponge cake with candied fruit, marinated pear and vanilla custard
Price: 16.90€ / per person
  • Salmon purée soup with snow peas and crispy croutons
  • Chicken fillet stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, penne, leek and mushrooms, cream sauce
  • Coconut mousse, roast banana, crispy cookie and lime sauce
Price: 16.90€ / per person
  • Tomato-cottage cheese salad with spring onion and lettuce
  • Trout baked with rosemary, potato–melted cheese purée, steamed broccoli, paprika sauce
  • Rice pudding with white chocolate, vanilla, cocktail cherries and orange sauce
Price: 18.90€ / per person
  • Fresh salad with sprats, eggs and radishes
  • Oven-cooked beef strip loin, potato purée and roasted vegetables, black truffle sauce
  • Chocolate pie with apricots and caramel-sour cream sauce
Price: 18.90€ / per person
  • Starter without side and dessert as per main menu of group
  • Main course: Creamy pasta, roast vegetables, penne and mushrooms
Price: 16.90€ / per person
  • All menus include a selection of bread rolls with flavoured butter plus iced water and tea or coffee.
  • Group menus can be ordered for groups of at least ten people. The same menu must be chosen for the whole group.
  • Bookings and cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.