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Group Menus

Group Menu 1
€ 16.9
Salad with couscous, peppers and pomegranate seeds. (L;G)
Chicken breast with stuffed plums, pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and mustard sauce
Curd and lemon cream with berry sauce and crispy wafer

Group Menu 2
€ 16.9
Seljanka soup (L, G)
Pork fillet with herbs, mashed potatoes, beetroot and chinese cabbage salad and tomato-basil sauce
Chocolate cake with lemon filling and cherry sauce

Group Menu 3
€ 18.9
Fresh salad with sprat, egg and radish (L, G)
Roasted beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and peas, oven-roasted vegetables and fry sauce
Raspberry dessert with whipped cream and buckthorn sauce (G)

Group menu 4
€ 18.9
Fresh salad with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil (G)
Salmon fillet with spinach rice, steamed vegetables and lemon sauce (L, G)
Vanilla creme brulee, lemon sorbet and pieces of sugarglass (G)

Group menu 5
€ 16.9
Appetizer without the sides and dessert according to the main menu
Main course: Vegetable lasagna with mushrooms and horseradish sauce

L – lactose-free, G – gluten-free

Fresh buns with herb butter, water and coffee/tea are included in the menu.
Group menus are valid from 10 people, the whole group should choose the same menu.
Reservations and cancellations within 72 hours
Enquiries:, tel: (+372) 7337 180,