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Conference menus

Simple coffee break set
Coffee, tea, ice water
Cream, milk, sugar, honey


Coffee break with cookies set
Coffee, tea, ice water
Cream, milk, sugar, honey
Cookies 50g


Coffee break with cake set
Coffee, tea, ice water
Cream, milk, sugar, honey
Homemade cake 100g


Lush coffee break set
Coffee, tea, ice water
Cream, milk, sugar, honey
Cookies 30g, pies 30g
Homemade cake 50g


Additional selection

Salads / 150 g / 1,95 €
Russian salad
Crab-rice salad
Pasta salad
Under 100 people – salads will be served in a glass
Over 100 people – with a buffet

Sandwiches / 30 g / 1,45 € pcs
Chicken sandwich
Cheese sandwich
Ham sandwich
Salami sandwich
Salmon sandwich 2,25 € 

Pies / 30 g / 0,75 € pcs
Cheese pie
Ham pie
Salty pretzel 100 g / 1,25 €

Additional selection

Sweet muffin 1,25 €
Sweet pretzel 100 g / 1,25 €

Tortillas / 35 g / 0,95 € pcs
Tortilla roll with roast beef
Tortilla roll with salmon
Tortilla roll with ham

Snacks / 100 g
Fruit selection 1,75 €
Fresh vegetables, dip sauce 1,25 €

Aura juice selection liter/ glass 4,00/ 1,00 €
Bottled water 0.33l/ 1,50 €
Jug of water / glass 0,20 €
Juice drink liter/ glass 2,50/ 0,60 €
Smoothie / glass 2,50 €
Housewine bottle/ glass 17,00/3,00 €

Monday lunch
Beef with cream sauce and onion (beef 150g + onion 20g + sauce 100g)
Baked potatoes (150g) / buckwheat (30g) (L;G)
Roasted vegetables (150g) / Spicy paprika salad (85g) (L;G)
Buns, bread, butter
Curd crumble cake (100g)

12.95 € / person

Tuesday lunch
Turkey casserole with carrot and black plum (turkey 130g + sauce 120g) (G)
Boiled potatoes with dill (150g) / rice (30g) (L;G)
Roasted vegetables (150g) / chickpea salad with tomato (85g) (L;G)
Buns, bread, butter
Brita cake (100g)

12.95 € / person

Wednesday lunch
Smoked butterfish (150g) (L;G) / Hollandaise sauce (50g)
Potato puree (150g) (G)/ rice(30g) (L;G)
Roasted vegetables (150g) (L;G) / Tomato and mozzarella salad 85g (G)
Buns, bread, butter
Yoghurt cake (100g)

13.95 € / person

Thursday lunch
BBQ pork bites 150g (L,G) / stir fry sauce (50g) (L)
Baked potatoes (150g) / vegetable rice (30g) (L;G)
Roasted vegetables (150g) / fresh salad (85g) (L;G)
Buns, bread, butter
Chocolate cake (100g)

12.95 € / person

Friday lunch
Chicken roulade with paprika and cream cheese / horseradish sauce (G)
Potato and carrot puree (150g) (G) / vegetable couscous (30g) (L)
Roasted vegetables (150g) (L;G) / Chinese cabbage and feta salad (50g) (G)
Buns, bread, butter
Nut cake (100g)

12.95 € / person

Vegan lunch
Falafel (120g) in chickpea and red bean sauce (130g) (L;G)
Potato and sweet potato puree (150g) / rice (30g) (L;G)
Roasted vegetables (150g) / cabbage-cucumber salad (50g) (L;G)
Buns, bread, butter
Raw chocolate cake (100g) (L)

12.95 € / person


All menus are served with buns, bread, butter, ice water and coffee or tea. Ordering and cancellation deadline 72h in advance.
Place orders:, phone: (+372) 7337 190